the pacific coast collection \\

summer + fall 2016

on the subject coastal \\ Each time I start a new weaving on my freshly warped loom, I think of the way sand is washed new by the water and given a clean slate to begin again. This happens over and over, the same medium, the same intention but with a different result. The Pacific Northwest has given me my next chapter and opened up my eyes to a whole new sense of blue. Years before this chapter, I only saw blue by looking up in the middle of tall grass. Today, I walk through tall grass and arrive in a foreground of blue and interact with it. I step in the sand and watch as the blue surrounds me. These weavings represent an idyllic relationship of coastal landscape in fiber design.

This collection and short memory written above were my first impression and first year living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Coming from a background of rolling hills and endless prairie, I appreciate the ever-changing landscape and the way in which it inspires me and my work. Much of my first interest in weaving was derived from the feelings of endless inspiration in the most beautiful part of this country..