04 m a r k s _woven paint collection

Jennifer Gauthier's work has always held such a raw yet clear feeling for me. I first discovered her on Instagram, slowly scrolling through art that I had previously been inspired by. Since then, I've always been stopped by every piece. The strokes, placement and color palettes are simple yet striking. My background in design has taught me that black and white compositions are extremely important, yet very hard to achieve, whereas color can be less strategic. Whether or not I fully believe what I've been taught, there's a brilliance about what she does with her work and how she makes those compositions come to life.

I chose this 'sketch' she had done earlier this year because it reminded me that the quiet moments of sketching and blotting down ideas, are sometimes the most powerful. I saw this strong blank canvas on which she layered texture and color. Wanting to translate that feeling, I chose cotton rope for the canvas and layered embroidery thread, wire, wool, leather, silk and jean-material. All of this anchored by a copper dowel.