01 f l o w e r s _ woven paint collection

New year, new colors and fresh ideas.

Vera Neumann's life story and paintings were the inspiration behind my first piece of the spring collection - 01  f l o w e r s.

Born to parents in New York City who encouraged their children to find a passion and follow it, she chose drawing and painting and decided to become an artist at a young age. She attended art school at The Cooper Union and became a textile designer immediately out of school. Told to reproduce creations of current designers, Vera left to become a freelance artist, starting her early designs by screen printing at her kitchen table.. During World War I, she became well-known for her bold and colorful graphics and scarves signed "Vera" and featuring a lucky ladybug. Her world-renowned "Vera scarves" were worn by First Lady Bess Truman, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, among many more. Her motivation, creative energy and cheerful designs set a paradigm in the design industry and we forever associate bright prints and poppy paintings with Vera.

Vera Paints a Summer Bouquet exhibit at Alexander Gray Associates, June 26 - August 12, 2014

This particular piece was woven for my Spring 2017 'Woven Paint' collection. Being my first piece of the collection, I understood these colors to complement my neutral palette tendencies. 

A great article featuring Vera and a little backstory on the legend from Design: