02 o u r s _ woven paint collection

Lauren Packard knows bold.

I came across Lauren's work over a year ago and found her bold brush strokes to be refreshing. I had always thought that if I were going to introduce color into my pieces, a bold stroke could be beautiful. For me, this piece represents more than a beautiful composition of colors and shapes, it's an underlying representation of the happiness of pushing my comfort zone. I've experienced and achieved far more when I step outside the circle of what I can currently do. And really, this translates to this entire collection as a movement to propel me into a greater unknown, left to discover what else I can do. Does anyone else love the feeling of being bold? I could weave more of her painted work all day long. 


This is my second piece of the spring collection - 02  o u r s.


This Is Ours by Lauren Packard


My interpretation kept similar colors but changed up the stroke placement.



See more of her work below: