process _ a pacific coast collection

Naturally I feel inclined to boast my love of the Pacific through weavings. The more I started to weave, the more I realized a connection I was making to something far bigger than what my hand loom could create. 

And I think we all yearn to be back where we make happy memories and can feel the sand between our toes. I think about the tall grass surrounding me as I walk through the salty air and arrive before the water. Those moments of clarity in knowing you're exactly where you should be. This is the euphoria in living here.


I started to gather driftwood months before I picked up my loom. I found shells and sand dollars and beautifully-shaped rocks and I brought it all home. Every time we visited, something came with me, as if I eventually thought the ocean would step into my pocket as well. We visited numerous coastal towns and gathered vivid memories of the landscape; took pictures and had picnics.



And then I sat down at my loom and started weaving these feelings and these memories. I realized how happy I was to transform this piece of my life into something that could be shared. I hope you enjoy my Pacific Coast Collection.